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New: Statistics
Now compatible with ALL FORUMS!
ScrobblerSig is now Unicode compatible! It will now show Japanese/Chinese etc song names correctly in sigs. (Thanks to DJKC and cikkolata)
Updated: If you need more info, read the guide on the Audioscrobbler Wiki
Updated: Donate, if you wish :)

I host this script to use in conjunction with the fantastic Audioscrobbler service (visit the site for more information on what it does)

When the script is called, it returns a small picture perfect fit for your forum signature or web site, to let everyone else know what you're listening to. It looks something like this:

Method 1

To use this on any forum that supports BBCode, including the Audioscrobbler forums, simply type:

Obviously remember to replace YOURUSERNAMEHERE with your actual Audioscrobbler username ;)

To use the code on any html compatible forum and website, simply type:
<img src="http://www.denness.net/scrobblersig.php?username=YOURUSERNAMEHERE">

Method 2

The above method will FAIL on a lot of forums, because of the existance of ? and & in the URL name. Many forums are set up to not allow images with URLs like that.
So, I have setup my server to allow this second method to access the ScrobblerSig image, so that to the forum it looks like a static image.

To use this method, use the same variables as method 1, subsitute the & and = for /.

E.g. If you wanted to use the example below, with the black background and white text, normally it would look like this:

With the new code, type:

This gives example the same result as the URL with & and = in, but looks like a static image to the forum, so it will be displayed.

If anyone needs any help with this method, or method 1, please do not hesitate to post on the ScrobblerSig thread here


If you want to show your appreciate for the service, and have some spare cash, please feel free to donate by clicking the PayPal button below. Thanks!
P.S. Or just click my ads! ;)

fontsize (default is 8 for your reference)
labelcolor (the top line of text)
trackcolor (the colour of the text)
backgroundtransparent (1 for true, 0 for false)
backgroundcolor (doesn't work unless you set backgroundtransparent to 0)
verticalpadding (default is 0)
horizontalpadding (default is 0)

For example:
If i want all of the text on the signature to be white, and the background to be black, you change the URL to this:

Which makes the following image:

Have fun! :)


©2004 Laurie Denness (mail)